Monday, November 17, 2008

Scotland in 2009 - The Gathering

Across the Pond Vacations will have packages for the 2009 Clan Gathering in Scotland. Dont miss out on this once in a lifetime event! Call today 310-791-6101, or e-mail and ask for packages for The Gathering!  Heres some more information

About The Gathering 2009


To hold the greatest clan gathering the world has ever seen.


To stage an international Clan Gathering and Highland Games to celebrate Scotland’s rich history and cultural traditions.

Key Messages

•    Come home and celebrate your roots
•    A unique celebration of Scottish heritage and culture
•    A celebration of one of Scotland’s greatest traditions
•    An opportunity to thank the clan associations and Scottish societies from around the world for their role in keeping these traditions alive.

The Gathering 2009 is one of the signature events of Homecoming Scotland 2009, a
year-long government initiative aimed at encouraging those with a passion or connection with Scotland to come home.

For many years Scotland has witnessed a decline in the popularity of Highland Games and a near extinction of clan activity. However, the opposite is true in some countries, especially in North America, where clan membership exceeds 100,000 and over 300 Highland Games and festivals are held annually.

Over the past few years there has been an overall strengthening of national identity within Scotland. This has provided an ideal environment in which to celebrate the contribution that the clans and their descendants have made to maintaining national traditions.

This strengthening will be enhanced by providing an educational component associated with each event within The Gathering 2009 which will encourage people to try out the various disciplines and learn more about them. Additionally there will be an emphasis on youth participation which will be nurtured through school and community group engagement prior to the event.



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